Dice Masters Playmats

Here are some playmats that I’ve created for Dice Masters.
These are for printing on a standard sized playmat.

osinbatman_splitpunisher xmen6 shield JL5 hulk guardians1 am3 am2 am1 TMNT9 TMNT8 TMNT7 TMNT6 TMNT5 TMNT4 TMNT3 TMNT2 TMNT11TMNT1 MASHUP5xmen5 xmen4 xmen3 xmen2 xmen villians1 tw superman1 spidey8 spidey7 spidey6 spidey5 spidey4 spidey3 spidey2 spidey space_beer r1 phantom2 phantom1 mashup5 mashup4 mashup3 mashup2 mashup1 magicka_2 jl3 jl2 JL1 hail_hydra galaxy ff1 DD carnage1 carnage02 capt01 avengers1

  • Pete

    Great mat design. Can you correct the spelling of attack and repost? Thanks, again.

    • Fixed! I also added a bunch of new ones. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

  • Gareth Thomason

    Hi, would you be able to do an art adams playmat design? He has done some great team pictures if you google him. Cheers Gareth

    • Smoke

      Do you have a specific image you’d like to see?

    • Do you have a specific image you’d like to see?

      • Gareth Thomason

        Hi, The Art Adams Original Sin cover would look great. Cheers Gareth

        • I added this for you. Enjoy! 🙂

          • Gareth Thomason

            Thanks really appreciate the playmat, it looks incredible!

          • No problem. I’m glad you like it.