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Below are videos of my various adventures in Diablo III for PC.

You can get view my current characters and their gear at my Diablo III Profile Page

I choose you, mootwo!

Hell Cow Rift – Advocate’s Conundrum Levels 1-10

A T7 run through a hell cow rift in Diablo 3. During this video, I encountered the Lord of Bells rift guardian, and did an…

Diablo III – Season 11 – Necro GR 76

My season 11 skeleton summoner Necromancer completes a level 76 Greater Rift using Rathma’s + Jesseth sets.

Diablo 3: Season 11 Necromancer Cleaning Out The Vault

My season 11 Necromancer cleaning out the treasure vault on T5.

Diablo III – Finding the Falcon Wings

The Falcon Wings are a guaranteed drop from a “mysterious chest” that very rarely appears in the Gardens of Hope Tier 1. It took me…

Diablo III Season 9 – DH Raiding the Vault

My season 9 Demon Hunter clearing out the Vault and Inner Sanctum.

Diablo III – The Darkening of Tristram (PC)

The Darkening of Tristram is a limited-time event in Diablo III that take the player back to Tristram, as well as 16 dungeon levels, and…

Diablo III – Season 6 – Torment X Rift

Running a quick torment X rift with my furious charge barbarian in Season 6 of Diablo III for PC.

Diablo III – Season 6 – GR50 Solo Barbarian

My furious charge barbarian makes easy work of a greater rift 50 in patch 2.4.1 of Diablo III.

Diablo III – Uber Realms

I take out all of the Uber bosses in the Realm of Fright, the Realm of Turmoil, the Realm of Chaos, and the Realm of…

Diablo III – Season 6 Barbarian VS Random Bosses

My season 6 Furious Charge Barbarian is coming along. Here’s him wrecking some bosses on Torment V.