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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl – Battle of Tol Barad

Magical creatures are escaping from Tol Barad! Play a minion and get a random spell of the same cost, but for free!


I successfully complete chapters 9-12, as well as the epic final battle against the dealer himself, in of Hand of Fate for PC. Chapters 1-12…

Hand of Fate – Chapters 5-8 (PC)

I successfully complete chapters 5-8 of Hand of Fate for PC. Features battles against the King of Dust, Jack of Scales, Queen of Skulls, and…

Hand of Fate (PC)

The first 5 chapters of Hand of Fate for PC. Features battles against the Jack of Plague, and the Jack, Queen, and King of Dust.

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl – Randomonium with Anduin

The Tavern Brawl in Hearthstone this week is Randomonium! You choose a class, get random cards, and each turn your cards’ costs are randomized! Here’s…

Hearthstone Casual Play – Garrosh VS Rexxar

Trying out a hastily assembled Garrosh deck in casual play.

Hearthstone Ranked Battle – Jaina VS Jaina

My Jaina deck does what it usually does, this time against a fellow mage.

Mage VS Mage – Hearthstone Ranked

My mage deck does what it does best, winning, in this ranked battle vs another mage.

Hearthstone: Mage VS Hunter

Some casual Hearthstone, Mage V Hunter.

Hearthstone Ranked Match: Mage vs Mage

Two rank 25 mages face off in a ranked match of Hearthstone