Tag: PS4

Skylanders Trap Team – Ka-boom VS Wolfgang (PS4)

Ka-boom battles Wolfgang in the PS4 version of Skylanders Trap Team.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta – Drop Zone Multiplayer (PS4)

I play a quick match of Drop Zone in the PS4 beta of Star Wars Battlefront.

Worms Battlegrounds – Final Story Mission – Dire Consequences (PS4)

The Golden Child takes on The Evil Lord Crowley Mesmer in the final story mission of Worms Battlegrounds for PS4. Completing this match nets you…

Super Meat Boy – Level 1 (PS4)

I run through the first level of Super Meat Boy on PS4.

Skylanders Trap Team – Food Fight VS Chompy Mage (PS4)

I take out the Chompy Mage with Food Fight in the PS4 version of Skylanders Trap Team

Destiny: The Taken King – Regicide (PS4)

Watch as I complete the final story mission of Destiny: The Taken King, and go toe-to-toe with Oryx, the Taken King, himself. This mission takes…

Worms Battlegrounds Story Mission 14 – Incased Worms (PS4)

Mission 14 of Worms Battlegrounds (Incased Worms) is the first time in the story mode where you experience sudden death. Positioning your worms to be…

Destiny: The Taken King – Enemy of My Enemy – Echo of Oryx (PS4)

My Warlock fights through the Enemy of My Enemy – Echo of Oryx mission in Destiny: The Taken King for PS4. This mission takes place…

Rocket League – Goal Compilation (PS4)

Here are some of my goals in Rocket League that I managed to record. I especially like the last one, where I knock the defender…

Magicka 2 Sneak Peek (PS4)

Gameplay footage from the “Sneak Peek” of Magicka 2 for PS4. Alternatively, Yo Dawg, I heard you liked Sneak Peeks so I’m giving you a…