Playing against a griefer in EDH

  • BBischof

    I always have mixed feeling about competitive/casual EDH. I have more fun when I’m not getting owned, and in a crazy format like EDH, the best way to keep from getting pwned is to be doing something degenerate. For me this always leads to a push/pull of fair/unfair cards in my EDH decks.

    • Smokeslair

      I can see that being especially true in single player, but in multiplayer the more “unfair” cards you run, the bigger the target you draw on your back. Mishra’s Helix is an example of a card that is practically useless in a multiplayer scenario, but great in 1-v-1, especially when you run more mana than normal. I understand wanting to win, but griefing in a casual format, and refusing to play MP just so you can grief is especially annoying to me.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment