We now have an exploit for Vita FW 2.60

Good news everyone!  PS Vita 2.60 has a new exploit!
The name of the game is: Arcade Darts
VIA PS3MOD (via Google Translate):  
(PS3MOD has since removed the post)
The exploit is type USERMODE, as has already been said, so there is no way to run ISO / eCFW / Homebrew Plugin or that require access to the kernel. E ‘can, however, use Homebrew that do not require kernel mode. This means they can be started all emulators, homebrew games and any other app that calls functions reserved to the system.

At present we know that the following homebrew do not work:

  • Daedalus x64> Operates an old version that will link to the release
  • PSPFiler
  • Snes9xTyL


While it is a bummer that SNES and N64 aren’t working yet, we’re sure someone will get the up and running soon.

Keep in mind that this is a USERMODE exploit, so no backups for you filthy, scurvy pirates.


Arcade darts is only $1.99 on PSN right now, so hurry up and grab your copy before Sony removes it and patches the exploit.