NOT A JOKE: Nintendo to release “2DS”


If you were on the fence about buying a 3DS, thinking, “you know what I wish? I wish this system wasn’t hinged, and couldn’t do 3D.”, then boy do we have a story for you!

It seems Nintendo is taking a unique foray into the console market by releasing a scaled-down and non-3D version of the 3DS system. The new system is set to hit the shelves in October, will launch at the $130 price point (the 3DS costs $170), and will play both DS and 3DS games.  It comes packing a 3D camera, but if you take a picture in 3D you can’t view it on your 2DS.

Not only does this system not do 3D, it also doesn’t close, as it has no hinges.  In my opinion this form factor is directly aimed at children, the elderly, and those whose consoles don’t often leave the house. I’m sure Nintendo figures that people carry their iPads to Starbucks, so some people may not be totally opposed to carrying something this large with them, especially in a nice Nintendo-branded sleeve.

Not having 3D isn’t a deal breaker for me, as the 3DS 3D hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. My Vita is my main portable, but this may actually be something I’m interested come October.  I’m sure the $40 savings will also help Nintendo hold their ground against the now only $200 Vita come this Holiday season.

I’ll officially reserve my judgement until I can get my hands on one of these in the real world and see how it feels; I’ll probably do a review at that time.